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Laboratory of Yohan Bossé 

The laboratory of Dr. Bossé is located at the research center of the “Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec (IUCPQ)”.     IUCPQ is an academic research institute located in Quebec City, Canada. It is physically connected to one of the leading hospital treating patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in Canada. The team has a complete genetic laboratory and important computer resources.

Genetic laboratory

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The genetic laboratory is equipped with all the required instrumentation and materials for performing molecular biology work, next-generation sequencing and cell culture work. The laboratory is divided into two specific areas, the Pre-PCR and Post-PCR areas. 
The laboratory is equipped with a Chromium  controller (10x Genomics) for single-cell genomics analysis, one NextSeq 2000 (Illumina) and  two MiniSeq (Illumina) for next-generation sequencing a well as a SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems) to perform conventional Sanger sequencing.

The Pre-PCR area is equipped with:


  • Small and large capacity refrigerated centrifuges

  • Minilys homogenizer, Bertin

  • NanoDrop UV spectrophotometer, ThermoFisher

  • Agilent Bioanalyser system

  • Speed Vac Concentrator

  • 4 Celsius degree refrigerator and -20 Celsius degree freezer

The Post-PCR area is also equipped with:


  • Small and large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

  • Thermocyclers with gradient temperature zones

  • Electrophoresis and Western-blot apparatus

  • Photo-documentation system

  • 4 Celsius degree refrigerator and -20 Celsius degree freezer


Both Pre and Post-PCR laboratories are equipped with:


  • several benchtop items of equipment such as single and multichannel electronic and manual pipettes

  • vortex mixers

  • mini centrifuges

  • hot plate stirrers

  • heat blocks

  • water baths

  • a pH-meter

  • scales


A third area of the laboratory is equipped with -80 Celsius degree freezers for clinical sample storage in Matrix 2D-barcoded tubes, in 96-tubes box format with readable identification on cryogenic and chemical resistant labels.


Common equipments are shared with other laboratories including:

  • CFX-96 and CFX-384 real-time detection systems (Bio Rad) for qPCR

  • Droplet Digital QX200 PCR System (Bio Rad) for absolute quantitation

  • Microplate readers (UV, visible and fluorescence)

  • Photo-documentation system for western blot detection/quantitation

  • Inverted phase contrast flurorescence microscope

Computer resources

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The information technology team manages the network and all computers at the IUCPQ. Access to the network is protected by unique credentials given to each staff member and by several firewalls.The data of all users is protected by several backup schedules.

All laboratories and offices are equipped with the latest PC or Macintosh computers. Linux servers are also available to handle high throughput genomics data and perform small to medium-scale genetic analyses.

For large-scale data analyses, Dr. Bossé’s laboratory has an open account for access to a supercomputer (Compute Canada). This computational infrastructure is located on the campus of Laval University and is connected with optic fiber to the IUCPQ network to ensure efficient transfer between the data set location and the computational environment. The cluster contains 7680 CPU cores, which is well above the requirement for the projects that are carried out in the laboratory.

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