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Laboratory of Yohan Bossé 


The Team

Dr. Bossé and his team use modern genomic approaches to understand the molecular basis of heart and lung diseases. They also work with colleagues to organize large and diverse biological sample collections necessary for genomic health research, to develop relevant projects to fill the gaps between the diagnostic and treatment of diseases, and most importantly, to ensure point-of-care implementation of new genomic knowledge.


The main goal of this laboratory is to drive genomic research in the field of heart and lung diseases and translate scientific discoveries into new clinical uses to personalize the management and treatment of patients affected with these diseases.

  • May 2024: Compared the biological insights derived from single-cell vs. single-nucleus RNA-seq in paired normal-adenocarcinoma lung samples. See our paper in PLOS Genetics.

  • May 2024: Evaluated the staging and prognosis value of methylation-based ctDNA in NSCLC. See our paper in Cancer Letters.

Upcoming events


Upcoming events

IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer
San Diego, CA, USA 

September 7-10, 2024

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